New Magnetic Phenomenon Discovered With Industrial Potential


Researchers discover a new magnetic phenomenon with industrial potential

Hebraic university graphically represents the world of the very tiny. Nanoparticles are studied here. Nature behaves differently than usual when studying particles at such a scale. This is a wonderland for scientists.

A magnet retains its magnetism only on its edge. This discovery could lead to more efficient ways of storing data or even creating new types of computers.

This new technology could revolutionize the way computers work. A tiny bit of this material could create a powerful magnet. These magnets could be used to make wires thinner than ever before. With these thin wires, computers could become much faster and more energy-efficient.

Scientists use nanotechnology to make new discoveries about life. A method used to track ants underground could revolutionize how we estimate snow depth from space. An astronaut drinks water from an ancient volcano. Astronauts may one day take a sip of water from a moon volcano. Climate change forces a big shift in the timing and amount of snowmelt in the Colorado River Basin. A child’s tooth could offer clues about an ancient human relative. Scientists use nanotechnology to discover new proteins that could help them develop better drugs.

Magnetic nanoparticles in biological vehicles individually characterized for the first time

Nanoparticles are tiny particles that are used in medicine. They may be made out of metals or other materials. They are also used in electronics. In this case, the researchers found a new way to make nanoparticles. This method could help scientists create more effective drugs.

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