All Those Celebrities Pushing Crypto Are Not So Vocal Now


All Those Celebrities Pushing Crypto Are Not So Vocal Now

Crypto boosters such as Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon have been criticized for hyped up virtual currencies without highlighting the risks.

Madison Avenue’s Biggest Event Returns to a Whole New World

Television networks are now pitching their shows to advertisers online instead of in person at the so called upfronts. The entertainment industry has been flipped upside down by this change.

Richard C Wald Leader in Print and Network News Is Dead at

He was the last managing editor at The New York Herald Tribune when that paper closed down. After that, he went on to become the president of NBC News. Then he became the president of ABC News.

Henry Scott Stokes Dies at Opened Japan to English Speakers

A journalist who covered the Japanese author Yukio Mishima. He wrote about him in several articles.

After Attacks Comedians Wonder Can People Still Take a Joke?

Comedians are attacked by fans more often than you think. Security guards are hired to protect them. Will Smith and Chris Rock were both attacked by fans during their shows. Dave Chappelle had a fan attack him at the Hollywood Bowl.

Bloomberg Aims to Compete Directly With British Press

A new venture, Bloomberg UK is the first inkling of an international strategy for the business media giant.

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