The key to our humanity isn’t genetic, it’s microbial


The key to our humanity isn’t genetic it’s microbial What if the key to perfecting the human species was actually … yogurt? The idea of trying to perfect humanity through genetics was recently reignited when the Chinese scientist claimed to have made the first CRISPR babies. However, this claim is false. Instead, the reality is that the Chinese scientist was using the same technology as everyone else to edit genes. This technology is already being used to prevent disease and treat genetic disorders. So while there may be some concern over the ethics of editing humans, we should also be concerned about the ethics of preventing disease and treating genetic disorders. Eugenics is the idea that humans can be improved through selective breeding or other means. In the past, eugenics was used to justify racist practices such as restricting marriages and immigration. Today, eugenics is being used to justify genetic testing for diseases. Scientists believe that most cases of eczema are genetically caused, but they haven’t been able to prove this yet. Intelligence is not encoded by our DNA. We inherit our intelligence from our parents. The more intelligent we are, the better we do in school. Our genes have nothing to do with our intelligence. Understand new developments in science health and technology each week Twin studies assume that identical twins share 100% of their genes, but this isn’t true. Environment plays a role in how people develop. Identical twins are more similar than fraternal twins because they spend more time together as children. This means that environments play a bigger role in who they become. Identical twins are more alike than fraternal twins. Fraternal twins share less genetic material than identical twins do. Researchers who claim that twin studies show that genes play a role in human behavior are wrong.

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