How to Help Students with Learning Disabilities Focus on Their Strengths


How to Help Students with Learning Disabilities Focus…

Dawn has a learning disability. She needs help to learn how to read.

Dyslexic people need to be careful about what they say because they may be misunderstood by others. They should try to learn as much as possible about dyslexia and use this knowledge to help them understand other people better.

Dawn was very happy when she found out that she didn’t have dyslexia. She felt relieved because she thought she was dumb. Her brother told her that she wasn’t dumb. This meant that she could be smart and still be normal.

Students with learning disabilities tend to struggle with lower performance and hold negative beliefs about academic ability. However, it is difficult to disenage what is causing these challenges, as many factors could contribute to the difficulties.

We don’t really know what causes autism. But the reality is, in our public schools access to special services sometimes depend upon having a diagnosis or a label. And it’s possible that the way we’re treating students with these labels is keeping them back. Here are some research-based tips for educators and parents who want to help students without labels succeed.

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